Monday, April 18, 2011


Since the last time we spoke alot has happened to most of us who write on this blog but another time. Now A Recap on what has happened since the lasttime i sat here above the earth.
The Dark Knight Rises- I think that of so many things like who is the new villian in batman 3 going to be. Riddler Hugo Strange, or KIller Croc. Have been revealed to the world or have they. I am really excited about the new movie. Although we know who some of the villians are we really dont know anything about the movie. All we know God (Nolan) is involved. that is good enough for me. I trust the man. I was a huge Batman Begins fan and i helped make Dark Knight the 3rd highest grossing film of time. ( Highest grossing comic book movie of all time)

Superman or should i say Man of Steel. Zack Synder has been hired to direct Superman reboot\sequel. I saw Superman Returns 3 times in the theater so yeah i can tell that movies issues. Kal Penn kicking Supermans ass is a big one. Its that i dont love harold and kumar, just not in Superman. That is why I really wanted to see Brandon Routh get another shot at the role hes been in the suit you dont have to make me see someone else. But in order for a clean break someone new must take over the role. It has that tried but true feeling. Just give him something to punch. Say how bad Smallville is but they never were afraid to let Clark\KalEL\blur\whaterer the hell he is called punch someone sometimes more that once. We have seen Live action Green Arrow to Aquaman on the show.

Green Lantern. We know now that Parlellx is the main villain with hector hammond as the enemy for the first movie and the chance of sinserto to fall to the dark side.- Production art leaked out of Qa and of the Green Lantern graveyard. The first trailer was a complete failure from the fx not being ready to the release on the et show. Warner Bros. Dropped the ball on the launch but then recovered for second trailer that showed more of what will sale tickets. The movie is being targeted at the little boys to sell toys. So even if the movie fails WB can make their money back in some way.

Thor- Footage and a ton of pics. I really liking the vibe off of the footage. Agent Cousten going over where thor got his training.And how he Thor made shields agents look like mall cops. I think maybe to much on a major plot point but it was to expected. I love the humor that coulsten is using Its Like I have seen this before and i will see it again. With the release in lease than a month the companies are full steam ahead for the launch. A rubber Thor hammer on sale. Just having the hammer is great,

Captain America- Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. I called that one. Numerous other name actors in the film. The shield throw and the pre-super soldier steve rogers just make me want the movie now. You can see the start of want i call Marvel-Tech in the movie. The Hydra soldiers and planes all giving it a alternate 1940's look something you can think could have happened maybe.

The Flash- Bradley Cooper is the name we hear but he doesnt want to say yes. Ign has quotes I wont do the flash. He said he wont do ateam and he did

Avengers-Sam "Nick Fury" Jackson picked up a new shield agent in Maria Hill played by Cobie Smulders of How I met you mother fame. Also Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

The Hobbit has also started filming.

Spiderman The Only reason to write about this is who is Gwen Stacy Emma Stone.

Now more information to come I promise and it wont take six months

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Godzillapool Out

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