Friday, September 10, 2010

Rev Terry Jones and his Nazism

Alright, I know this is not nerd related in anyway but I have to get this off of my chest. Normally I would not subscribe or even waste my time talking about these idiots or should I say Zealots, but this guy has gotten right under my skin and got me thinking about a lot of things.

Now I am sure some of you know that in the recent news that a pastor from Florida USA Rev Terry Jones is going to burn copies of the Quran on September 11th in memory of the atrocities of what happened that day back in 2002. Now the shear ignorance of single mindedness of this man has left many people foaming at the mouth. He has received over a hundred death threats and caused hundreds to protest in Afghanistan, resulting in the American flag being burned and chants that say "Death to America".

Ok so lets analyze this situation in a little more detail and see if we can break it down to what it seems like or could be.  For one I am sure there is a lot of people out there that is agreeing with him, and a lot are actually helping him by sending him copies of the said holy book. Fine they are just as bad as he is for being drawn into his mindless ramblings and evangelical nonsense. This is typical of what damage and hate mongering religion can do to people.

But lets look at a different picture here, this pastor lives in a small town and his congregation reaches 50 people (or so it is said). So how would he attract more people? well him doing something controversial and upsetting of course, and the sad thing is, it is working. The media are chewing at the bit for any bit of information regarding this publicity stunt. Even the pope and top leaders of the US Army are falling for this mans idiocy. But of course, this piece of Nazism  would not have gone unnoticed if he actually goes through with it, even if it was not intended to cause a media storm or a publicity stunt, to which I am certain that Rev Terry Jones is fully aware of and intended all along. The interesting thing about this and why I know it is a publicity stunt is because he said this and I quote "If God tells me to stop I will" and also he is trying to pull Imam Muhammad Musri (the Muslim leader who is trying to build a "mosque" near ground zero in New York) into the mix. He said he would not burn the Qurans only if they do not build the mosque and that him and Imam are in agreement. Of course Imam is denying any such agreement and I fully doubt that they have even communicated. So the main question is, will he go through with it?. I am expecting him to pull out at the last minute.

Now lets look at another picture. Say that rev Terry Jones DOES go through with this stunt and burns the books, what will happen next?. Well this will be one hell of a propaganda boost for the Terrorist groups out there trying to recruit. "Oh look at what the evil Americans are doing, they hate you and they hate what you stand for". As we all know Muslims take their religion seriously, as do many other religious people. They have their views and are entitled to what they want to believe, and so are Christians, catholics, Buddhists etc. I am an Atheist and I believe that religion is the root of all evil, and in order for the human race to survive and be happy, we must release ourselves from such nonsense, But that is my opinion and I hope whoever reads this believes I am entitled to it. But I am getting sidetracked here. The Quran burning would put many people in danger, our soldiers and civilians. This is exactly what the terrorists are hoping for, this boost in their view of moral obligation. Also it is putting rev Terry Jones's life in danger also, but say if something bad was to happen, I am sure he would be made a martyr in some peoples eyes. Just like the suicide bombers. In fact I believe they are one and the same.

Another thing I have thought about and the most out there and very conspiracy theorist, and I do not want you to think that I believe this thought because I really don't, it is just an idea. I have thought about that maybe he was put up to this? maybe someone gave him a nice check for him to perform the most insulting thing he can to the Muslim people just to cause a major uproar and make something go down hill from there. I mean it is not really hard to believe that some backwoods preacher would not do something like this? so it is a perfect scapegoat. You can look at this in different ways, each way is as crazy as the next. Maybe actual terrorists approached him and gave him cash in order to drive people into a frenzy. Maybe our own government did this to justify something in the future to get the proverbial snowball rolling. They knew that the Muslim community would not stand for it and hopefully would cause violence and unrest. Maybe further down the line another war?. Again I do not really think the above is the case and I certainly hope it is not.

how improbable you all are, and how lucky we are to be even on this planet, lucky to be just alive. It is a shame to think that it is in our nature to destroy ourselves when we have so much potential and we let a stone age belief in a god to rule our lives.

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  1. does anyone smell fox news?

    i could go on for days about this country and its breeding of psychotic crazy christians.

    i am proud to be an american, but i am proud because supposedly i live in a country where i can be whatever i want and not be judged. i don't think the good reverend got the memo.

    great post.