Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Ultimates

The Ultimates.

If there is one things about me that people that know me should know is that The Ultimates are what got me into comics. The X-men had come out and being a sheep i was worshipping at the alter of Wolverine. One day my lovely wife suggested we stop at local comic book shop to shut me up. I sent about 25 minutes looking, then i just asked the guy whats good. He looked at me and handed me the tpd to the The Ultimates. I paid left, read, came back and asked for more. But that topic is for another time.

I never followed The Avengers. I knew Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man were the 3 big guns. Most of my exposure to the group was in the video game Captain America and the Avengers. But this was something else. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch gave us a comic series that was for my generation. Allow me to give you a brief recap.

Issue one. Picture Saving Private Ryan with Captain America. Done. Oh we meet Tony Stark also.
Issue two. Starts with the reintroduction of Ultimate Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) from his earlier showing in Ultimate X-men. We also meet Hank and Janet Pym. At the end of the issue Cap is found.
Issue 3. Cap. awakens and thinks Zee Germans have taken him.Busts out and is captured by Giant man. In this issue Fury makes a joke that his nose has been trashed more time than Robert Downey Jr. Something looking back on is really funny considering how great Iron Man is.
Issue 4 Interpersonal stuff between the group. Larry King and Shannon Elizabeth make cameos. Hawkeye is hinted at but not seen. We also get our first look at Thor here with no connection to Donald Blake, but instead a new wave prophet. With a really big hammer. After getting belittled Bruce Banner decides that he wants to be big again.
Issue 5 Is the throw down issue. Fighting and more fighring.

Issue 6 Is Giant man vs The wasp.

Now I know i should go into more details but trust me just get the book.

A couples of points
*Millar and Hitch approached was to though nothing has happened before and tell the story fresh from the start going back to the core of who these people were and build outwards Cap is the soldier thor is a nut case or a messiah banner hulk is an insecure genius and fury the king of cool, from a quote in FEB 2002
*Although most people believe that The Avengers are called that because they avenge things. Hank Pym coined the name. Because it sounded dramatic.*Issue 4 States that movie on the ultimates is being made. Brad Pitt as Captain America, Lucy Liu as The Wasp, Matthew McConaughey as Giant man, Sam Jackson, Johnny Deep as Tony Stark, and an unnamed actor as Bruce Banner.
And there came a day a day unlike any other when Earth's mightest heroes and heroines found themselves united a againest a common threat On that day the avengers were born to fight the foes no single super hero could with stand Through the years their roster has proposed changeing many times but their glory has never been denied Heed the call then for The Avengers assemble or listen

A couple of things
One Boss sorry it took so long to post this.
Two I consider The Ultimates to be The Avengers
Thank you for Reading my mess and also stay tuned i have a couple of ideas for the next one.

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