Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We are back.

It has been over a year since the last post, so many things have changed and more are coming. Last time we talked it was just after Thor had been released. We also had Captain America, Green Lantern, X-men First class, and what we thought would be the last Transformers before a reboot. Let us look back at those films real quick. And here we go... .

Green Lantern: A waste. Ryan Reyonlds as Hal Jordan great idea. Mark Strong as Sinestro perfect. The story was a mess. Bad acting from very one except Strong and Ryan. The effects while strong in some parts. The way the yellow power ring is created is horrible. At least make it a good reason for Sinestro's fall. The rest of the Lantern corp. while voiced perfectly were underused and simply a waste of time.

 Captain America: Chris Evans who was the perfect Johnny Storm in the FF films became Steve Rogers. The pacing and setups were almost perfect. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull was great casting but was a paint by the numbers villain. Tommy Lee Jones as the cranky old general was well Tommy Lee Jones as a cranky general. The tacted on ending of Captain waking up at the end of the movie instead of the after credits sequence was forced. But it allowed the teaser for The Avengers. More time could have be spent on the Howling Commandos, sequels I guess.

Xmen: First Class. The big unexpected of the summer. Inspired casting on all fronts. Best cameo all summer. Also best costumes from the orginal source. James Mcavoy and Micheal Fassbender both at the same time make you see the influences of Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen but make the roles their own. Interested to see where 20th Century Fox goes with this series. They have made up for X3.

 Transformers 3: Micheal Bay. The man can blow up more crap than anyone alive. For a PG-13 movie you see a lot of people being killed. You see Prime go off on robots just tearing and slicing them in half. Yet Bay doesn't get credit for that.People jump down the man's throat for changes that are made to certain designs and characters. The thing that gets me is that no matter what things will be different. Did you know that in his orginal toy The toy that became Megatron was a good guy. or was it Starscream. The Point is that changes happen. I'm a huge Deadpool fan. Everyone knows this. In Wolverine I got maybe 15 minutes of the Deadpool i wanted. Next to that we got Barakapool. I was pissed but I got my little bit, movies that are made for the price tag that most of these are can't make every fan happy. Hell there are some that hate The Dark Knight. Fanboys have become spoiled.

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