Friday, July 20, 2012

Real life

The actions of one man can sometimes make a difference. Other times it makes no difference. Then you have last night in Colorado. A sadly disturbed young man killed at least 12 people and injured at least 50. At a midnight showing for the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series. As a fan of the previous films my wife, my brother and my cousin along with myself were there at the gra...nd theatre to enjoy the film which we did. 3 hours later we all were smiling and laughing talking about how incredible the film was, not knowing what had happened in Colorado. It was a shock for me because we were in the same situation watching the same movie at the same time. Ready to slip into a word where a masked man saves the day. But those people where attacked by a masked man in real life. His reasons may never be known nor do I care. All he deserves is a needle in the arm with some nice chemicals running thru his system for a nice long dirt nap or better yet what the hell firing squad. He took a great time and destroyed the lives of so many why?? His girlfriend breakup with him? His mother took away his bottle to soon? Didn't hold him enough? Many that watched the movie at the theater are huge fans of the series as are the rest of the 25 million dollar spending community that got tickets to it. I say we honor then by going see the movie again and again even if you didn't like it nor cared. Not just for us but for a small part for them. In closing kiss and hold your kids a little closer tonight. Try to seek or forgive someone for petty crap be adults. A fire will rise and a fire will fall. Now is the time to pick ourselves up.

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