Friday, July 9, 2010

Anime School: Where an otaku can be an otaku!

Anime School
(Where an otaku can be an otaku)

I know many of you love anime but have you ever thought about working in the anime industry? Many people get into the industry though their work and then there are some who get in after attending an anime college.

One of the schools is Nihon Kogakuin College. From looking at their site, you can see that they offer courses that teach you the full production cycle of anime production from planning, plotting, drafting, post recording and editing.

Many of whom work in the anime industry scout for talent at such animation colleges. These schools are a great way to get hands on experience and create something to help further ones career.

Many folks go on about how salaries are dead cheap in the anime industry - it may be true for some but in many cases salaries are cheap for folks who just left college who want a chance to work on something big. And if they are still on a low salary after working for many years - well that's no different from any other job where salary is usually performance based.Experienced illustrators in the anime industry are paid quite a bit for their achievements on past projects and would have likely started off being paid with peanuts and raisins.

Far too many on an occasion have I seen folks who don't have past achievements demanding high salaries. Think long term instead of short term - peanuts for now to help you get by and then golden nuggets after you have been through hell - you deserve it. If you believe in yourself then don't focus on the money right now because you know you will make it in the end.

There are a load of colleges in Japan where you can where you can take courses that cover game, anime and manga creation. The following sites have info in English so I'm guessing that they have facilities to cater for non Japanese speaking folks.

And how about the lessons? At the Tokyo Animation College site lists the curriculum for three years where you will learn things like Anime Production, Sketching, Digital Work, Background Basics, Short Movie Production and so on.

So how about fees? Well the cost of the courses are not listed on many of the sites . A "Manga and Animation" course at the Nihon Kogakuin costs 2,555,170 yen for two years. Quite a bit of change. How much has education been costing you so far in your neck of the woods? Do you pay for everything or does your government help pay most of it?

So, how many of you want to work in the anime production industry?
(Ahhaaa. First post for July!)

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