Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deadpool Cast

Well Hello again,
Having talked to the All Mighty (the wife) and the Brother (my brother, better nickname coming soon), I decided to go with the Deadpool remember budget is not a concern of mine (not my money). Please enjoy and someone answer where the hell is Bob?
Deadpool = Ryan Reyonlds. Any questions?? Good moving on...
Cable = Micheal Biehn. I've always been a fan of the guy. I recently watched the first Terminator and just liked watching the guy say some of things he says and the looks he gives cops. (The Brother said Stephen Lang so we could go with that too, but my first choice is the guy that keeps a shotgun for close encounters).
Bob = Anton Yelchin. This character is a long way off but it would be a nice little role.
Weasel = Justin BarthaI. I liked the guy in the first National Treasure and i felt he was under used in The Hangover, but that was the point. Having him play off of Ryan would be a sight.
Domino = Nia Peeples. If there was one good thing about Half Past Dead it was Nia. She is the only reason why you should watch that movie.
Blind Al = Jane Fonda. A short cameo is all. No real need for the character, just to have her yelling at Deadpool.
Bea Authur = CGI a la Marlon Brando in Superman Returns, or just have the Golden Girls on the tv in the background.
Outlaw = Dina Meyer.
Siryn = Lesile Bibb. She was the reporter in Iron Man. This would allow her to interact more with the action by putting her in direct conflict with Deadpool's mission: to find Killbrew, who is guarded by her uncle.
Agent X = Bradley Cooper. Bradley would be my fall back pick for Deadpool, so let him be someone who is also looking for Killbrew but always one step behind.
Oh the villians you ask...
Bullseye = Colin Farrell. Saw lots of bad things in Daredevil, but the casting of the bad guys was awesome. Colin was indeed magic.
Black Tom cassidy = Gerard Bulter or Kevin Mcckid; flip a coin. Gerard has a hero look but really needs to go all out as a comic villian. Of course Kevin is an unkown to most, but he is well known in the geek world.
Juggernaut = Nathan Jones. With a real uniform, not that S&M outfit from XMen 3.
Typhoid = Ashley Scott. She needs to be able to look like she loves Deadpool but hates him too, although he is the only man that can touch her.
Dr. Killbrew = Donald Sutherland. I love Sutherland. I love his apatheic attitude as a teacher in Animal House, but he also has the look of the kindly old man who could be running an illegal genetics lab.
T-ray = Edge. With T-Ray you have someone that is without regard for anything but his own. He is his most important object. I like the look Edge has been using on WWE lately.
Coming next a review of The Ultimates

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