Friday, July 16, 2010

Well Hello So where were we? Oh yeah. Next summer...THOR. Got new new pictures of Odin, Loki, and Thor this week. I love the look of the armor. Just right I say. Loki may not have his green spandex but with the armor. Odin when I thought that Sir. Lecter himself was going to be in this movie i thought...well i thought it works. I wasnt expecting the eye patch but it fits. Now to Thor. I am not the biggest Thor fan on the planet. My real exposure up to The Ultimates was in Adventures in Babysiting and in the Hulk tv movies. After The Ultimates I didn't read the main marvel universe until JMS came on. The first 12 issues in that series are really good. Not great, but really good. But back to the Ultimates. i love how Millar and Hitch went with the character. Taking a real-world thought to what would happen if someone showed up and said" I am Thor, son of Odin, God of Gaint Hammers and Kicking your ass." Some believe most don't. But with that hammer no one really wants to pick a fight. Oh the hammer. If the one thing I'm not happy about but ok with is the hammer. I prefer the Ultimates hammer, I understand that the other one is better known to everyone. Just one more step to The Avengers. Comic-con is in one week i will have my computer on search the entire weekend for the trailers from Thor and

Green Lantern
How can the studio that made the dark knight be in trouble with DC comics fans ? Although Warner Bros owns Dc comics, Since the dark knight, Watchman, Losers, and Jonah Hex have not had the impact that the studio wanted. Watchmen which did the best it could was kind of boring it became a punch line because of the blue penis jokes. I thought the movie had its moments but they are few. The Losers. I will be honest i loved the movie. I thought Chris "Cpt.american" Evans really was the star of movie. The jokes were there but the plot was standard. Some twists were large "hey this is going to happen" signs. Now as for Jonah Hex when im told to get a root canal instead of seeing the movie, Dammit i see the movie. But thats later. Green Lantern is the movie that will be setting the Dc movie universe. As many know I like Ryan Reyonlds mostly for his love of a certain Merc with a Mouth that he is trying to get to the big screen also seems like a generally funny guy by the roles he chooses( Chaos Theory). But again later on that. The Suit looks different, something we havent seen before. Again we need to see it in action. If this movie works and it will we get The Flash (I thought ryan would make a great Flash but maybe Bradley Cooper ), Maybe Wonder Woman (Kate Beckinsale Please) and somewhere down the line a Justice League movie. There is a lot riding on the green power ring. Anyway thats it for now. So next time we talk will be about either The Ultimates or a dream cast for a deadpool movie.

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