Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was 4years old, One weekend my parents took me to the video store. After searching in the kids section and finding nothing worth renting i walked away from my mother into the scifi section. Where i found Godzilla 1985. After my mother gave me a good yelling at for walking away I showed her what i had found. My father took the movie and smiled saying"thats my boy." Getting home and playing outside all went by fast. When the movie started, It was like this is the greatest thing ever to come about. My Dad who watched it with us, just laughed and asked if we wanted to see more of the films. If I wasnt 4 i am sure i would have said" hell to the yeah.'' Dad took us to another video store and we found more of the videos. From that point I was hooked. Everytime we went into the video store, went to walmart or any store with a video department we would look for a new movie that we didnt have. Dad would help when he could giving us hints. Going to the libary to check out books with Giant Monsters was a treat. Looking for toys, Only having 3 figures two of them the same one just different sizes also a 5 foot blowup Godzilla. My mother says it was funny watching Lane and I drag those things up and down the French Quarter. After reaching 6th grade the hobby went away until one trip to Arkansas. Stopping at Books-a-million found an issue of Fangoria magzine that showed the new newest movie. I was like what new movie. Now this is before the interweb. We had heard of 2 new films after 1985 but was not able to find them. The first film only got a HBO release, but the 2 nd caused a bit of an outrage when it was shown on headline news. I remember staying glued to HLN that entire day for them to show the lips again. Anyway back to the Magzine, in the back it had an address for Creature Feature Productions. Sending 3 dollars to that company in Boston changed everything. But a hiccup occured, Getting the order form with the list of items the company had was awesome. I made a list and gave it to my mother and my father who by this time had spilt up. Dad said Yes. Gave me the cash i got the money order and sent the order away. Waiting and waitng some more. 3 months passed i was crushed. Dad had started to work overseas so he was gone the entire time. After coming home and spending the weekend with us. He dropped us off at Papa's house and went to check his mail. He returned ten minutes later with a package. The 3 movies i had ordered were for some reason put into his mailbox and we had no access. Although it was a school night we watched and loved the movies. Getting on the mailing list for Creature Feature's was the next thing. Getting the newest movies as soon as they were "available" It became that thing that I liked but no one knew except my family. Sports became more the thing to me. After HS i moved in with my future wife, having no choice i told her. She was like "ok" And away it was. She supported me. We even went to Chicago to the annual Godzilla Convention one summer. Today Its the thing i use to be put into better moods.
Thank You
Mom, Dad, Papa, Lane, Brandi, and Toho Productions
Deadpool out

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