Friday, June 18, 2010

The PC and PS3 crossplatform gaming!!

Hi my nerds,

Just a quick post before I head on to bed. I just read an announcement by Valve Software that they are planning crossplatform gaming between the PC and PS3 for Portal 2 can we say WEWT!. For the moment this is going to be co-op which is great in itself, but just imagine in the future...Counter Strike and Team Fortress pwnage. Finally Valve is seeing a potential in the market and is acting on it. This proves my speculation in my previous post Gabe humps the PS3.

Can not wait.

Rune out!


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  2. I actually just played Portal last night. I highly enjoyed it but, I guess I'm behind the times.

  3. Portal is awesome, but Portal 2 with co-op would be insane!.

  4. OMG. Portal 2, co-op?! I must tell my boyfriend this!